Welcome to Crap.


They say Eskimo's have 50 words for snow. It may follow then that c64 users have 50 words for 'bread bin', and even more words for beige.

Here I am, a humble spectrum user and host/reviewer of c.s.c.g.c.2023, wondering if I need to formulate innumerable ways to call something crap, in the nicest possible way of course.

So this is a competition to make a crap game. The crappest game wins, and the best game loses. Losing means, as is tradition, you get the dubious honor of hosting the next year's competition. But what for the winner? Who knows, that part is as yet undecided. Perhaps being crap is it's own reward. So here I am, piper at the gates of dawn, like a pristine fan waiting for the proverbial to hit. 

In this quiet moment, the calm before the shitstorm, I will devote myself to considering the finer points of this competition.

So what is crap? 

How can this thing be won or lost? Let's dive in....

For years I have thought about what make the perfect crap game. What is the special blend?

I think now of Icarus. He had the effort and imagination but his lofty ambition caused him to over reach. 

How must it feel, to find your ambition so out of step with what your skills and competencies are able deliver? 

It must be crap.

So it is, we must aim for the moon. Not through hubris, for we know already that we will fail. We aim high, and try not to fail, knowing that we will fail all the same. And in our failure we find a reflection of our humanity.

Something beautifully crap perhaps? I can dream, but this (hoped for) pile of crap is the stuff that dreams are made on.

Thanks for reading

J Bizzel