Twjjj - Titanius Angelsmith

 Twjjj is a simple but fun arcade game for the ZX Spectrum 48K with the uniqueness that it is written in Abersoft Forth. 

You play Twjjj, who is the last of her kind - who must rescue her babies (which must be different from her as she is definitely the last of her kind). You recue the littles ones by transporting them to a portal that takes them to a safer world.

The catch is Twjjj can stop moving, and the screen is filled with hostile obstacles. If she touches anything but the babies or the portal she dies and its game over. 

The game has 3 speed settings, but this is irrelevant as only easy mode is playable.

The game is, however, very well made, runs smoothly and is highly playable. It makes me think I should get out my Abersoft Forth cassette and try to program something. Did the Jupiter Ace have the right idea all along?

For those not familiar is Forth, please note that it works as a complete environment and so Titanius could not create stand-alone programs. This is why the game is presented as a snapshot in sna and in z80 formats. Just load the snapshot into the emulator, type RUN and press ENTER to start the game.

Final Thoughts

This is a cool little game that runs surprising well thanks to it being implemented in Forth. It is a shame that the faster difficulty levels are unplayable as this would have given the game some replayability. 

I love the weird and wonderful story that is part of this game. This is a super nice touch that adds a lot of charm and interest. 

All in all this is a fun little game worthy of 5 minutes of your time. Its not crap, it's (Jupiter) Ace!

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