Palace-Dine - Andy Jenkinson

Palace-Dine is being presented in sympathy to the plight of the Palestinians...

This game is based upon the classic black-tie dinner scene towards the conclusion of the cinematic masterpiece “Carry On Up The Kyhber” (1968).

During the scene, Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond and Lady Joan Ruff-Diamond (Sid James and Joan Sims) are hosting dinner at the Royal Residence in Kalabar near the Khyber Pass. Captain Keene (Roy Castle), Princess Jelhi (Angela Douglas*), Major Shorthouse (Julian Holloway), Brother Belcher (Peter Butterworth) and the hosts try valiantly to ignore the sustained attacks upon the building from Bungdit Din (Bernard Bresslaw) and The Khasi of Kalabar (Kenneth Williams). Rubble from the building falls into their soup as they make polite chit chat, pretending that everything is normal.

The scene can be watched here: 

All they want is to not be bombed whilst going about their lives and eating their dinner. And this is why this game is called ‘Palace Dine’, honest.

Game features:
All Basic
Some UDGs
Two loading screens (of sorts)


Use O and P to move left and right, and pick up/drop furniture with M or SPACE.  Avoid the furniture being hit by incoming missiles.  Don’t be carrying furniture when a missile lands.

*  She used to follow Andy on Twitter.

My review

There are not enough bombs in Andy's game. And too many lovely tables and chairs.

But there is just about enough British Empire I think.

This is my 5th attempt of reviewing of this thought provoking, intelligent game. 

I present my review in sympathy for the plight of those, who, as I sit here and write this, are living through hell on earth in Palestine. 

Come see

Phew, for a minute there I lost myself.